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Hong Van Pham

Research Associate, Children & Families Program

Hong Van Pham

Hong Van comes to Next Generation with a strong background in research and advocacy work. Prior to joining Next Generation, Hong Van was a Research Analyst at the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research where she worked on a national study that examined barriers to higher education for low-income students and developed interventions to improve access and enrollment. She also served as a Vietnamese interpreter and advocate for low-income and uninsured patients in San Jose. At Next Generation, Hong Van conducts research on early childhood issues and policies, and supports the California Work & Family Coalition's efforts to advance family-friendly policies. Hong Van graduated from Stanford University with an interdisciplinary degree in Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity, and a minor in Education Research and Policy.

Posts by Hong Van Pham

Children & Families

Baby Steps: Recession Cuts, Restoration, and What’s Next for California’s Child Care System

Issue Brief Access to affordable child care helps families achieve economic security, offers children stability and the opportunity to thrive, and strengthens California’s economy overall. Unfortunately, the programs that provide child care subsidies to low-income Californians were greatly weakened during the Great Recession of 2007. As a result, children and families in greatest need of these resources now face instability and diminished job prospects that will have short- and long-term consequences to their individual well-being, and our state.

Children & Families

San Francisco Predictable Scheduling and Fair Treatment for Formula Retail Employees Ordinance

Issue Brief This issue brief highlights some of the research on the growth of unstable work schedules, and describes the provisions of recently introduced legislation in San Francisco that seeks to increase predictable scheduling among certain retail and food service workers. San Francisco’s is the first such legislation to be introduced at the local level in the nation.

California Work & Family Coalition

When Minimum Wage Doesn’t Cut It: The Need for Stable Work Schedules

Most hourly and part-time workers report unstable hours. Often times, these workers have little input into their work schedules and may receive their schedules less than a week in advance. Precarious schedules threaten workers’ economic security and create challenges that disproportionately hurt working parents.

Children & Families

Helping Hands: A Review of Home Visiting Programs in California

Issue Brief Voluntary home visiting programs are a powerful tool to improve outcomes for at-risk children and families. Families enrolled in home visiting programs are visited by trained professionals on a regular basis who provide practical tips and information – as well as emotional support – on a range of issues, including maternal health, early learning, and improving parent-child interactions.

Children & Families

Reshaping Opportunity in America

Although America struggles with problems of inequality, there is evidence pointing to how we can address it. We must ask ourselves what kind of America we want for all children and take steps in the right direction to reshape the opportunity landscape for a more equitable America.

Children & Families

One Family's Resolution to Close the Word Gap

Through my work with Too Small to Fail, I’ve learned a lot about how small actions on the part of parents and caregivers – reading, talking, and playing with babies and young children every day – can have a substantial impact on early development and school readiness. This holiday break, I set out to practice these ideas with the childre