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A good year for children & families in California

When I came to Next Generation a year ago, I was excited by its unique niche: policy thinking and communications on issues that affect California’s children and families. This was a place that understood that issues affecting parents and children are inextricably linked, and that smart policy-making can’t be successful without the ability to make it heard and understood.

Children & Families

Why Too Small to Fail is hitting the ground in Oakland, CA

On July 23, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton joined business, hospital, and community leaders in Oakland to announce the launch of “Talking is Teaching: Talk, Read, Sing,” a multi-media community campaign that will help local parents, grandparents, and caregivers improve their babies’ ability to build vocabulary and set them up for brighter futures.

California Work & Family Coalition

Momentum Builds for State and Local Paid Sick Days Policies

Having the right to take a day off from work when you are ill shouldn’t have to be a dream – it should be a reality for all workers. But millions of Californians are forced to come to work sick or send their child to school ill because they don’t have access to a single paid sick day.

California Work & Family Coalition

When Minimum Wage Doesn’t Cut It: The Need for Stable Work Schedules

Most hourly and part-time workers report unstable hours. Often times, these workers have little input into their work schedules and may receive their schedules less than a week in advance. Precarious schedules threaten workers’ economic security and create challenges that disproportionately hurt working parents.

Press Release

Bay Area Leaders Join Too Small to Fail to Launch ‘Talking is Teaching: Talk Read Sing’ Campaign in Oakland

Local business and community leaders, including the Bay Area Council, UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland and Kaiser Permanente, today announced a campaign to better prepare Oakland’s children for success in school and beyond. ‘Talking is Teaching: Talk Read Sing’, aims to close the “word gap“—a difference in the number of words children in high- and low-income families hear.