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President Obama, Secretary Hillary Clinton, Cindy McCain And Senator Bill Frist Urge Parents to Talk, Read and Sing to Children to Close Word Gap

In celebration of its one-year-anniversary, and in collaboration with the White House Office of Science & Technology Policy along with other bipartisan leaders, Too Small to Fail shared video messages from President Barack Obama, former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, Cindy McCain and Senator Bill Frist.

Children & Families

What are we doing for working families?

Sarah Crow writes on the Department of Labor (DOL) Forum on Working Families in San Francisco, one of several meetings the DoL is hosting around the country, leading up to a White House Summit in June.

Press Release

California Legislature Shows Support for Key Bills of Value to State’s Children and Families

During the past two days, several bills have successfully moved through the California Legislature that hold a lot of promise for California’s families. The forward momentum of these bills—from allowing workers to earn a minimum level of sick days to improving access to quality child care and preschool—have given us hope that our elected leaders understand the widespread value of ensuring that our

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The Top 5 Reasons to Pass Earned Sick Leave Legislation in California

More than five million workers in the state currently lack the ability to earn paid sick days, and if they or a family member falls ill, they’re forced into a terrible dilemma: stay home to recover and risk losing wages or their job; or go to work sick, potentially spreading that illness to coworkers or customers.

California Work & Family Coalition

Happy Anniversary Paid Family Leave – Let’s Spread the Word!

While the need for Paid Family Leave is great and the benefits are many, awareness of the law is still low, especially among low income, new immigrant and young workers. This year, Coalition and partner organizations are raising the profile of Paid Family Leave to increase take up in a variety of ways.

Children & Families

Reshaping Opportunity in America

Although America struggles with problems of inequality, there is evidence pointing to how we can address it. We must ask ourselves what kind of America we want for all children and take steps in the right direction to reshape the opportunity landscape for a more equitable America.