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Giving Climate Thanks

This year there's a lot to be thankful for: The Risky Business Initiative, carbon auctions & public transportation just to name a few.

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Congress runs up the climate tab; Americans stuck with the bill

ven with immediate and significant steps to curb climate change risks, managing the unavoidable risks and costs of a warmer world will be expensive. The high costs of responding, rebuilding, and preparing for the future will be the responsibility of already overburdened federal, state, local, and tribal governments, and – directly and indirectly – the American people. These costs may well represen

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Remembering Our Last Superstorm & Preventing the Next One

After 365 days, Hurricane Sandy may have receded from the collective consciousness, but for people who lived along the path of the hurricane, their lives, as they knew them, are over forever. This week we remember them and look forward to all the progress happening today, like California signing The Pacific Coast Action Plan on Climate and Energy, an agreement with Oregon, Washington and British C

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Climate Change Goes on Vacation

Clear lakes and powdery slopes power a massive $106 billion tourism sector in California. Lake Tahoe’s tourism sector alone furnishes 17,000 local jobs. But a lot of visitors leave the lake unaware that its clear waters—and the local economy they sustain—may be at risk from our changing climate.