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Carbon emissions are the new second-hand smoke

We’re now about as certain that climate change is real and man-made as we are that cigarettes kill. To take the analogy further, by not acting to curb climate change, we’re immersing the planet in a huge, inescapable cloud of second-hand smoke.

Energy & Climate

Part 4: Monterey Shale: Twice as polluting as Keystone XL?

Much of California’s current petroleum output is categorized as heavy or extra-heavy oil, meaning it is more viscous and requires more energy and time to refine into fuel than lighter grades of crude. In many ways, it is similar to the thick “bitumen” petroleum that comprises Alberta’s tar sands.

Energy & Climate

Production methods: a primer

Predictions for California’s oil industry emissions are also complicated by the lack of clarity about which production methods will be used, and at what depth. Some of these variables could make the Monterey Shale output cleaner than current California crudes, while others would make it dirtier.