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California Work & Family Coalition joins Next Generation

We're proud to announce that the California Work and Families Coalition, part of the Labor Project for Working Families, is joining us as project of Next Generation! Below is a press release, cross-posted from the Labor Project's website:

Labor Project Announces Transition
and New Partnership


Dear Colleagues:

Today, we are excited to announce a new chapter in our work involving two powerful partnerships. Beginning July 1, the Labor Project will join forces with Family Values @ Work nationally and Next Generation in California to expand our efforts to win important work and family policies in California and across the country.

To build on our pioneering support of union bargaining on work and family issues and to strengthen alliances between labor and community coalitions, our national work and union resources will become a project of Family Values @ Work [], a nationwide network of state coalitions organizing in 21 states. Through this relationship, which has been helping working families win in cities and states for the past 10 years — and with the continued leadership of Carol Joyner — we will deepen labor’s involvement in the grassroots movements that are winning change at the local level and creating momentum for new federal minimum standards. The Labor Project website and union resources, including our contract language database, will be housed with FV@W.

“Strengthening grassroots coalitions through the involvement of local labor unions has led to a record stretch of wins across the country. The Labor Project has been critical in making these connections, and we are proud to house this work.”

--Ellen Bravo, Executive Director, Family Values @ Work

In California, the Labor Project has made great strides through the California Work and Family Coalition. The Coalition will continue and expand as a project of Next Generation [], an
organization working to improve prospects for children and families through public policy, private enterprise, family and individuals. Together, we’ve won a Paid Family Leave program — the first in the country — and passed other critical policies that are helping families in California and setting a precedent for other states to follow. Under the continued leadership of Jenya Cassidy, the California Coalition will keep fighting to expand family leave, paid sick days and other family rights.

“The California Work and Family Coalition has an impressive track record of improving the lives of families across our state. We share their deep commitment to families, and their belief that California can and should lead the nation on these issues. We’re excited to have them join the team at Next Generation.”

--Ann O’Leary, Director, Children and Families Program, Next Generation

As you know, as of September 2013, I am moving on to a different role in the movement after 20 amazing years at the Labor Project. I feel deeply honored to have worked with such a wide range of committed and strong activists for work and family issues, and hope that we will continue to work together in new ways.

I am very excited about our partnerships with Family Values @ Work and Next Generation, and for what the future holds. I know that these changes are the best way to sustain and grow our national efforts to strengthen the commitment of unions on work and family issues and to expand our California efforts around these

“The upcoming chapter is going to bring us to new heights. With the nationwide momentum behind our efforts, we are poised to deepen our relationships and win more rights and benefits for working families in California and across the country.”

--Art Pulaski, Labor Project Board Chair and Secretary-Treasurer, California Labor Federation 


In solidarity and gratitude for all you do,



Netsy Firestein, Executive Director

P. S. Celebrate our 20th anniversary and this
transition to “Fund the Future” on July 26th
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