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The air we breathe, the words we speak

Like we need air, like we need water, the research shows that we need words, spoken to us from our earliest days.

The power of parent talk – reading and singing, too – to deliver those words with love, and in turn to set children up for a life of success, was the focus of this week’s Too Small to Fail newsletter. Next Generation Researcher Hong Van Pham took the data-driven approach with a blog post on the recent results from the Annie E. Casey Foundation “Race for Results” index on educational outcomes for children of color. And Jenya Cassidy, Director of our California Work & Family Coalition, celebrated the 10th anniversary of California’s Paid Family Leave Law, which ensures paid time off for family members to bond with a new child or care for a sick family member.

Of course air and water are needs worth fighting for all on their own. This week, Kate Gordon, Vice President and Director of our Energy and Climate Program, went to bat for breathable air in her weekly installment of the California Energy & Climate News. Energy & Climate Program Intern Peter Ferguson took a long look at water, California’s recent lack of it, and the implications for the state’s schools in a new blog post. And Pat McVeigh put the whole thing in context, looking back at 44 years of the celebration and the struggle that is Earth Day.

What will the next 44 years hold? Cleaner air and water? Children well-equipped with the tools for success? That’s up to each of us.

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