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Progress refuses to wait

August is a slow month for many. Much of the staff here at Next Generation is on vacation, and like them, I too am headed out for a few days to relax and regroup after all of our recent work on Too Small to Fail, the Risky Business Project, and our California programs. The news, however, hasn’t taken a break.

This week in California, the story is largely about fuel and water – the former being included in the state’s cap-and-trade program and the latter just being scarce (and possibly overdrawn). For a full review of the situation, as well as some good news from south of the border, see this week’s California Energy & Climate News.

It’s also been a big week for Next Generation’s California Work & Family Coalition. First up is AB 1522, a bill we’re watching closely that would ensure that all California employees have access to a minimum number of paid sick days at work. The legislation was heard in the State Senate Appropriations Committee and, if passed, would help more than 5 million workers who can’t earn a single sick day. Second, the Coalition helped celebrate the 21st anniversary of the Family and Medical Leave Act, a law which has helped more than 100 million people take time away from work to recover from an illness, bond with a new child, or care for an ailing family member. For more information, and a breakdown of what’s left to be done, see this great piece from the Huffington Post.

Stay tuned for updates on all fronts in California and beyond. And keep enjoying your summer, because the whole point of resting now is to ensure we have the strength to see these issues through to the end.

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