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The fruits of our labor

There are moments, in building anything, when it can be difficult to see the final product. They are common moments in any large undertaking, and surely there have been a few at Next Generation over the past months as we've laid the foundations for our most ambitious projects. This week, however, is not one of those times.

Under the guidance of Kate Gordon, Risky Business is receiving well-earned press from every angle, including a front page feature in today's New York Times. On top of that, Risky Business Co-Chair Tom Steyer gave a great interview to Living on Earth, and Risk Committee member Robert Rubin answered "dumb questions" with Kate is making some news of her own too, with her recent appointment to the Proposition 39 Citizen's Oversight Board which she writes about in this week's California Energy and Climate News.

Things are really taking off with Too Small To Fail as well. Check out this week's blog post, "Good Nutrition For Healthy Bones and Healthy Brains." It is exactly the kind of quality information we set out to provide for parents and caregivers when we first envisioned Too Small To Fail. It is the kind of work that's only possible after many long months of hard work.

These successes have been a long time in the making, and it's great to have the fruits of our labor plainly visible. Be certain though, this is no end nor plateau for Next Generation. We're just getting started.

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