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When Child Care Costs As Much As College

A new report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation shows that only 36% of kids are on track with cognitive skills by third grade. Data on hunger, poverty, and child care indicate that American kids need more support.

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Poverty Isn’t What We Think: How You Measure Makes a Difference

Researchers at the Public Policy Institute of California and the Stanford Center on Poverty and Inequality have produced a new way of measuring poverty for the state, modeled after a similar federal effort. It's Called the California Poverty Measure, and it has a lot to tell us about the state of poverty in the Golden State.

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Asthma Attacks

Limiting exposure to poor air is good for school budgets, and even better for kids' health, says a new study from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

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Main Street Salinas: Future of Main Street, America?

Need To Know investigates childhood poverty in Salinas, California. Ann O'Leary discusses shocking Census data on poverty rates in the state, especially among the growing Latino demographic.

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We Can't Abandon the Next Generation

California's children are by far the most numerous victims of increased poverty across the state. One in five children in California lives in poverty; nearly half live either in poverty or perilously close to it. In an alarming twist, more than twice as many California children live in poverty as seniors – a fact that should give grandparents across the state pause.