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Letter of Support for Comprehensive Early Care and Education Proposal

By improving access, quality and provider reimbursement rates, this budget proposal would go a long way towards creating a stable and comprehensive care and education system that improves prospects for working families, and provides our youngest learners with the opportunity to thrive and succeed in the 21st century.

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Child Care Aware of America Symposium Keynote Speech

Ann O'Leary's speech at the Child Care Aware of America Symposium on the word gap and the importance of talking, reading and singing with babies and toddlers to build their brains and prepare them for later learning and good health outcomes.

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Parents Are Our First Teachers

Children who don't hear enough words from birth through their toddler years are unprepared to begin school, and don’t have the vocabulary or cognitive skills that will help them succeed in life. That's why our Too Small to Fail initiative has partnered with Univision to give Hispanic parents and caregivers the information they need to help close the word gap.

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Our economic future depends on early investments in kids

The likelihood of a child's succeeding in school, leading a healthy life and productively contributing to the economic engine of California is largely set before the child ever crosses the threshold to kindergarten. Sadly, childhood poverty is the No. 1 predictor for educational success and health outcomes.

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Early Ed is part of the State's future

Governor Brown’s 2014-2015 budget contains significant investments in schools, additional aid to children and families, and a healthy projected surplus for a state that has not seen such positive figures in years. Yet the Governor’s Budget Summary contains no language speaking to the need for increased investment in preschool, or early childhood education.

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New Test Scores Show a Need for Investments in Early Education

Today’s PISA scores tell us that to remain competitive in a global marketplace we need to recognize that investments in early education paired with deep parental involvement, and a strong focus on the distribution of school resources, will lay the foundation for achievement in school, college, career, and life.

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When Child Care Costs As Much As College

A new report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation shows that only 36% of kids are on track with cognitive skills by third grade. Data on hunger, poverty, and child care indicate that American kids need more support.

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Minding the gap – for our kids & our climate

New research has come out on the word gap, an issue Too Small to Fail is working to address. And it looks like climate-savvy Californians are learning how to have their cars and drive them, too (with less fuel). Apparently, "mind the gap" is not just for folks who ride the train.

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Vocabulary gap study: Parents & caregivers are critical to children's success

In today's New York Times, we learned about new research by Stanford Psychology Professor Anne Fernald and her colleagues that adds powerful evidence to the theory that children's learning starts very early. Professor Fernald’s research shows that by the time children are two years old, there is already a gap in language proficiency of six months between higher- and lower-income children.

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Top 6 Myths About Early Education: #5

The President's proposal to fund pre-K through an increased cigarette tax has already been proven to work and could effectively save money and lives. But there are still skeptics...

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Top 6 Myths About Early Education: #4

Successful early ed programs are anything but a fluke. They're real and present - look at Georgia, Oklahoma, New Jersey, North Carolina (for a start) - and they can work anywhere.

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Top 6 Myths About Early Education: #3

Early childhood education is a smart investment with huge returns. Unfortunately, vocal opponents have been harping on the costs, which are only half the equation. For the whole picture, check the third installment of this week's myth-busting blog series.

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Top 6 Myths About Early Education: #2

Do the positive effects of preschool really "fade out" by third grade, or are they erased by poverty and failing schools? Debunking the myth that early learning is ineffective. Come back to the blog for more myth busting all week!

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Top 6 Myths About Early Education: #1

This week we're debunking some of the biggest myths about early childhood education, starting with the all too prevalent assumption that the academic playing field is even.