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When Child Care Costs As Much As College

A new report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation shows that only 36% of kids are on track with cognitive skills by third grade. Data on hunger, poverty, and child care indicate that American kids need more support.

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Asthma Attacks

Limiting exposure to poor air is good for school budgets, and even better for kids' health, says a new study from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

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Top 6 Myths About Early Education: #5

The President's proposal to fund pre-K through an increased cigarette tax has already been proven to work and could effectively save money and lives. But there are still skeptics...

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Top 6 Myths About Early Education: #1

This week we're debunking some of the biggest myths about early childhood education, starting with the all too prevalent assumption that the academic playing field is even.

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Study Harder, Live Longer

Education is strongly linked not only to career success but to health- even more cause for concern about our high school dropout rate.