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Energy & Climate

A movement is coming: Climate change and the youngest generation

C.J. Mayer, a 17-year-old high school student in Manhattan, says he is often struck by what seems to be a growing gap between the concerns his generation has about climate change, and the actions of his parents and leaders. His sense is that, in a few short years, the American public will see a dramatic shift from its current passivity about climate change, to one of more urgent action.

Energy & Climate

Remembering Our Last Superstorm & Preventing the Next One

After 365 days, Hurricane Sandy may have receded from the collective consciousness, but for people who lived along the path of the hurricane, their lives, as they knew them, are over forever. This week we remember them and look forward to all the progress happening today, like California signing The Pacific Coast Action Plan on Climate and Energy, an agreement with Oregon, Washington and British C