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Children & Families

A Few Lessons Learned From Our Talking is Teaching Campaign

As we’ve worked with our partners to fine tune our community campaign in Tulsa, Oklahoma and in Oakland, we’ve learned valuable lessons about how to best reach parents and cargegivers to encourage them to talk, read, sing and bond as much as possible with their children starting at birth.

2014: What a Year

When I look back on this year, I am blown away. Kate Gordon called it, “The year of climate action.” In many ways it’s also been a year for kids and families.

Treats for the kids, but tricks for the climate?

Halloween is a special holiday for children – it’s one of the few times a year when the entire country actively encourages kids and adults to engage their creative sides, build outrageous/brilliant/hilarious costumes, place decorative gourds on our front porches, and eat too much candy.

Batting 1,000 for kids and the climate

A triple play is an uncommon event in the sport of baseball – a subject fresh on my mind thanks to our San Francisco Giants’ winning the NLCS pennant this week. Only 696 triple plays have ever occurred in the entire professional history of the sport. This week, however, our Too Small To Fail Initiative pulled off the rare act with three successful high profile events on two coasts.

Press Release

Hillary Clinton Kicks Off Too Small To Fail Volunteer Event at Dreamforce 2014

Following her keynote address at Dreamforce 2014 tomorrow, Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton will join Salesforce Chairman and CEO Marc Benioff, Bay Area business and community leaders, and Dreamforce volunteers to kick off a day-long effort to fill thousands of tote bags with materials designed to encourage Oakland parents and caregivers to talk, read and sing to their children fro

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Too Small To Fail Partners With Latino Media Company Mitú, Inc. To Encourage Language-Rich Parenting Among Hispanics

The collaboration aims to combat a serious challenge in early learning—specifically, narrowing the “word gap.” Content will be produced by some of MiTu’s hottest Latino talent, all of whom consistently attract sizeable audiences and engage on various social media networks. Talent will encourage parents and caregivers to take simple actions during their children’s first five years of life.

What's Next?

How reading can change the world

Just as children’s minds are formed by what they read, so too is our national narrative formed by how our media frame and report the news. So reading really is fundamental - both to our kids, and to the health of our planet.

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For the next generation, by the next generation

As you might expect, here at Next Generation we spend a lot of time talking and writing about the next generation of Americans – what they need to thrive and how to make the best world for them to do it in. This week, however, we featured a blog post by a member of that new generation.

Children & Families

A good year for children & families in California

When I came to Next Generation a year ago, I was excited by its unique niche: policy thinking and communications on issues that affect California’s children and families. This was a place that understood that issues affecting parents and children are inextricably linked, and that smart policy-making can’t be successful without the ability to make it heard and understood.

Children & Families

Why Too Small to Fail is hitting the ground in Oakland, CA

On July 23, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton joined business, hospital, and community leaders in Oakland to announce the launch of “Talking is Teaching: Talk, Read, Sing,” a multi-media community campaign that will help local parents, grandparents, and caregivers improve their babies’ ability to build vocabulary and set them up for brighter futures.

What's Next?

Too Small to Fail Comes to Oakland

A little over one year ago, Jim Steyer, Ann O’Leary, and I were in Chicago signing a memorandum of understanding with the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation that joined us together as partners on our Too Small to Fail initiative. At the time we had grand plans; We knew the first issue we wanted to take on, the “word gap,” and we had lots of ideas ...

Press Release

Bay Area Leaders Join Too Small to Fail to Launch ‘Talking is Teaching: Talk Read Sing’ Campaign in Oakland

Local business and community leaders, including the Bay Area Council, UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland and Kaiser Permanente, today announced a campaign to better prepare Oakland’s children for success in school and beyond. ‘Talking is Teaching: Talk Read Sing’, aims to close the “word gap“—a difference in the number of words children in high- and low-income families hear.

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One Week at Next Generation

We had a remarkable week at our “Little Nonprofit That Can” – one that would be remarkable for any nonprofit, but was all the more amazing to me, having spent about a quarter of a century in the field, for an organization that is less than four years old.

Press Release

President Obama, Secretary Hillary Clinton, Cindy McCain And Senator Bill Frist Urge Parents to Talk, Read and Sing to Children to Close Word Gap

In celebration of its one-year-anniversary, and in collaboration with the White House Office of Science & Technology Policy along with other bipartisan leaders, Too Small to Fail shared video messages from President Barack Obama, former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, Cindy McCain and Senator Bill Frist.

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Just the facts, please

Distraction, spin, and information overload – these are just a few of the problems we face when we attempt to sort out the right information we need for our kids and our climate.

Children & Families

Child Care Aware of America Symposium Keynote Speech

Ann O'Leary's speech at the Child Care Aware of America Symposium on the word gap and the importance of talking, reading and singing with babies and toddlers to build their brains and prepare them for later learning and good health outcomes.

What's Next?

100,000 Reasons To Celebrate

Our Too Small to Fail team passed a major milestone this week with the news that we've garnered over 100,000 likes on Facebook. To celebrate, we're running a giveaway on the Facebook page and soliciting fan photos on with a contest on Twitter and Instagram. And of course we're still providing high-quality, science-based information on early childhood development to parents and caregivers on toosma

What's Next?

If You Don't Like the News, Change it.

Good news everyone! Well, kind of … Kate Gordon, Vice President and Director of Energy and Climate, actually reported on some pretty terrible news in this week’s California Energy and Climate News. In a recent Gallup poll only 24 percent of Americans worry more about climate change than say, the economy, unemployment, or crime. As Kate artfully points out, however ...

Children & Families

Getting Kindergarten Ready by Getting Educators Together

Last week, educators sat together at Santa Cruz county’s fifth annual “Together for Kindergarten” meeting, including family child care providers, center-based providers, as well as kindergarten teachers and administrators, to improve the transition between preschool and kindergarten for children and families.

What's Next?

Cutting through the noise

All of us struggle to make sense of the world. Sometimes it seems like the needle of insight is buried deep within the haystack of muddle and distraction — and who has time to figure it all out?

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Man Bites Dog

"When a dog bites a man, that is not news … but if a man bites a dog that is news.” That saying has been attributed to multiple newspapermen – and for the most part is true. Two “Man Bites Dog” stories jumped out at me recently, one which has gotten lots of play, one that deserves to get more.

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Parents Are Our First Teachers

Children who don't hear enough words from birth through their toddler years are unprepared to begin school, and don’t have the vocabulary or cognitive skills that will help them succeed in life. That's why our Too Small to Fail initiative has partnered with Univision to give Hispanic parents and caregivers the information they need to help close the word gap.

Children & Families

Our economic future depends on early investments in kids

The likelihood of a child's succeeding in school, leading a healthy life and productively contributing to the economic engine of California is largely set before the child ever crosses the threshold to kindergarten. Sadly, childhood poverty is the No. 1 predictor for educational success and health outcomes.

The fruits of our labor

There are moments, in building anything, when it can be difficult to see the final product. They are common moments in any large undertaking, and surely there have been a few at Next Generation over the past months as we've laid the foundations for our most ambitious projects. This week, however, is not one of those times.

Children & Families

One Family's Resolution to Close the Word Gap

Through my work with Too Small to Fail, I’ve learned a lot about how small actions on the part of parents and caregivers – reading, talking, and playing with babies and young children every day – can have a substantial impact on early development and school readiness. This holiday break, I set out to practice these ideas with the childre

What's Next?

A great new year for Next Generation

At Next Generation, we know that the challenges we face are daunting. America’s lack of investment in our most vulnerable children and our inability to take on climate change threaten the economy and stability of the world we will leave to future generations. But we’re also optimistic that, through smart projects, good partners, and great staff, we can make a difference.

What's Next?

Helping our kids by doing the math

America's kids are falling behind. We're hopeful that through efforts like Too Small to Fail, we'll be able to close the gap – but we're not sanguine about what it will take. When you add up the numbers, it's clear that we'll all need to be a part of the solution.

What's Next?

Minding the gap – for our kids & our climate

New research has come out on the word gap, an issue Too Small to Fail is working to address. And it looks like climate-savvy Californians are learning how to have their cars and drive them, too (with less fuel). Apparently, "mind the gap" is not just for folks who ride the train.

Press Release

Vocabulary gap study: Parents & caregivers are critical to children's success

In today's New York Times, we learned about new research by Stanford Psychology Professor Anne Fernald and her colleagues that adds powerful evidence to the theory that children's learning starts very early. Professor Fernald’s research shows that by the time children are two years old, there is already a gap in language proficiency of six months between higher- and lower-income children.